zeka Kim Gun-woo said, ‘3:0 is expected to win…

zeka Kim Gun-woo said, ‘3:0 is expected to win…”If you do it like before, you can beat Faker”


“I think we’re going to win 3-0.”

On the 4th (Korea Standard Time), the “League of Legends World Championship (hereinafter referred to as Worlds) 2022” media night was held in which Riot Games executives and players and coaches from both teams who advanced to the finals participate.

“zeka” Kim Gun-woo predicted DRX’s 3-0 victory on the day, saying, “It’s my first final in my first Worlds, but I think I can win even if my opponent is “Faker” if I do what I have done so far without any pressure or pressure.” “We’ve always been ‘reverse’, so I think we can do well if (the fans) cheer us on as usual,” he said. 메이저사이트

Regarding the reason why many teams did not van despite his overwhelming performance with Akali, Kim Gun-woo said, “Akali is good at it, but it’s a conditional champion,” adding, “I think it’s because it can be taken out depending on the combination or not.”

When asked how he felt about overwhelming ‘Chovy’ Jung Ji-hoon in the semifinals, he replied modestly, saying, “I think I was able to win because I had an advantage in the line match itself and all the team members did well.”

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