Yuna of Brave Girls has a brave hobby.

Yuna of Brave Girls has a brave hobby.


Yuna, a member of the group Brave Girls, shared a new hobby.

On the 25th, Yu-na posted several photos on her Instagram with a message saying, “Freediving is so much fun, really.

In the photo released, Yu-na looks free-diving.

The sight of him swimming without an oxygen can in deep water is admirable.

In particular, the long limbs and proportions revealed by swimsuits attract attention.

Yu-na, who captured the hearts of fans in a mermaid-like atmosphere.

After seeing this, Brave Girls Eun-ji commented, “Are you a mermaid?”

Netizens are also “So cool,” “Awesome.” I feel like an expert.”


Meanwhile, the Brave Girls, which includes Yuna, released their fifth mini repackage album “After We Ride” and title track “Drinking Habits” on the 23rd.

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