Yuju keep an empty stomach 3 hours before you sleep

Yuju keep an empty stomach 3 hours before you sleep Protect your larynx


Singer Yuju showed various charms.

In the “Singles” pictorial, Yuju wore a dress with a unique design and pulled off a humorous and four-dimensional visual concept.

Yuju’s album, which broke the gap for the first time in more than a year since her solo debut and made a comeback with her mini album “O,” is under the theme of “Each’s life itself is a travel path,” and the entire album has a flexible story like a travel essay.

Regarding the title song “Without U,” Yuju introduced, “It’s an indispensable word for you, who can be your loved one, your parents, or your friend.”

Yuju’s management method, which is known to be thorough in her usual self-management, is faithful to her routine. There are separate routines for voice control, vocalization, and breathing, such as humidity control and balloon flower juice intake, and the most important rule of these is to protect the larynx by maintaining an empty stomach three hours before going to bed.

Meanwhile, Yuju’s visual pictorial can be found in the April issue of Singles and the website of Single Plus.

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