Yoon Ki-won remarries for the first time in six years, “I’m thinking of

Yoon Ki-won remarries for the first time in six years, “I’m thinking of marrying a girlfriend who looks like Kwan Ji-rim” (‘Joseon’s lover’)

Actor Yoon Ki-won revealed about his girlfriend he is currently seeing.

Yoon Ki-won

In the TV Chosun entertainment program “Joseon’s Lovers,” which aired on the 30th, Yoon Ki-won joined the new corner “Old Man” (hereinafter referred to as “Old Man”) organized by gathering prospective lovers under the leadership of Choi Sung-

Yoon Ki-won, who divorced in December 2017 and became alone, said, “I tried to regain my daily life for four years after the divorce, and by the time I had time to relax, I had a good relationship with a woman who naturally joined me at a meal.” When Choi Sung-guk, who met Yoon Ki-won’s girlfriend in advance, said, “He looks like a Hong Kong actor,” Yoon Ki-won responded, “I think he looks like Guan Jilin.”

Yoon Kiwon was continuing a serious meeting with his girlfriend for a year, even thinking about marriage. He said he confessed to his girlfriend in a comical and serious way, like a historical drama line, “Would you like to meet me?” The meeting, which began with curiosity, “Let’s meet for a year,” had already led to greetings with the other person’s parents.

Yoon Kiwon then showed off his personal talent by playing an acrostic poem he tried on a blind date. The three “The Man from Nowhere” laughed at Yoon Ki-won’s acrostic poem and continued the hot atmosphere. However, Yoon Kiwon said, “There have been more failures than successes,” drawing laughter.

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