YG’s rumor that BLACKPINK will join JENNIE Marble is groundless

YG’s rumor that BLACKPINK will join JENNIE Marble is groundless


While Jenny, a member of the group Black Pink, made her Hollywood debut, rumors of joining Marvel have emerged.

Foreign media, including Asia One, reported on the 9th (local time) that Jenny will join Marvel.

According to the report, Jenny will be cast in Team Agents of Atlas, known as Marvel’s new series. Jenny’s proposed role in the play is Luna Snow (Seolhee). Luna Snow is the first character to appear in the video game “Marvel Super War” in 2020, and Luna, a former member of the group FX, was the voice actor at the time.

Rumors of joining Marvel seemed to be official, with the addition of stories that actors who were active in Marvel recently followed Jenny’s SNS account.

However, an official from Jenny’s agency YG Entertainment told Star News on the 12th, “Jenny has never been offered a role in the Marvel series ‘Team Agent of Atlas,’ drawing a line on the rumor of joining Marvel.”

Meanwhile, Jenny finished her Hollywood debut by starring in HBO’s new drama “The Idol,” which was released this month. “The Idol” is set in the music industry in Los Angeles (LA) and tells the world of the music industry and the love story of a popular female pop singer. It was directed and written by Sam Levinson of “Euphoria” and starred Lily Rose Depp, Weekend, Troy Sivan and Black Pink Jenny

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