Yang Se-hyung, the prisoner of “No Entry Outside Officials,” found..

Yang Se-hyung, the prisoner of “No Entry Outside Officials,” found Lee Yi-kyung, a prison officer, and “Jealousy.”

Yang Se-hyung

Yang Se-hyung was jealous of Lee Yi-kyung, who played the role of a prison guard in “No admittance except for officials.”

Kim Jong-kook and Yang Se-hyung were transferred to a detention center in SBS’ new program “No Entry Except for Officials,” which aired on the 5th.

Kim Jong-guk and Yang Se-hyung, who arrived at the detention center on the same day, went through the admission process in the waiting room for new patients and moved to the prison room. Yang Se-hyung was surprised by the subsequent anal examination and asked the prison guard, “Do you actually do an anal examination?” The guard said, “Put down your panties and sit down slowly. Get up,” he explained.

The two entered the actual accommodation room after all the tests were completed. “Listen carefully to the workers, accept them well, and leave,” the prison officer said.Yang Se-hyung was amazed at the accommodation room he saw for the first time, saying, “What? It’s my first time seeing it.” The two looked at the living room where the four inmates actually lived.

Lee Yi-kyung, who turned into a prison guard, appeared in front of Kim Jong-guk and Yang Se-hyung, who were imprisoned in detention centers. Yang Se-hyung found Lee Yi-kyung and said, “Oh, what’s this? “Lee Kyung-ah,” he said, delighted. Lee Yi-kyung was dissatisfied, saying, “Lee Yi-kyung?” Yang Se-hyung complained, “Why did he give this role?”

Later, Lee Yi-kyung served lunch with Kim Jong-guk and Yang Se-hyung`s. Lee Yi-kyung said, “There is a quota for Yang Se-hyung`s who says, “Please give me a lot of braised spicy chicken and seaweed soup.” Lee Yi-kyung delivered the food she contained through the meal kit. Lee Yi-kyung said, “I heard that there are a lot of hardships. Even if you’re too good to me, it’s a mess. “The nutritionist has to take care of it,” he said. Yang Se-hyung`s said, “I feel down because I’m talking inside the cage.”

Meanwhile, it was reported on the broadcast that most prison officers were accused and accused. “Some people are suing me after I get out of prison,” the prison officer said. “Prison officers have no composure of mind. Most of them are cleared or cleared of prosecution. “I don’t feel good when I’m accused or accused,” he said.

Later, Kim Jong-guk and Yang Se-hyung`s entered the reception room. It was Kim Jong-kook’s manager who applied for the interview. Kim Jong-kook’s manager asked, “What happened?” The manager said, “The sins I committed when I was young,” drawing laughter. Kim Jong-kook was disappointed at the shorter interview time than expected.

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