Yang Hyun-suk praised “No Disadvantages”…Baby Monster Luca

Yang Hyun-suk praised “No Disadvantages”…Baby Monster Luca, 13 Years of Dance Experience

Yang Hyun-suk

YG Entertainment’s executive producer Yang Hyun-suk praised the dance skills of rookie girl group Baby Monster member Luca, raising expectations for his debut.

YG Entertainment, the agency, posted a video on its official blog on the 9th that introduces 20-year-old Luca from Japan. This is the first video to focus on exploring the charms of each prospective Baby Monster member.

Luca, who said he had been practicing dance for more than 10 years at the time of the YG trainee audition, performed a high-quality performance without hesitation, shaking the scene. This is because he has already strengthened his solid internal stability through constant efforts. He said, “I feel happy and good when I dance,” and he was immersed in practice whenever he had time, regardless of time and place.

Executive producer Yang Hyun-seok said, “Luka has always been a good dancer, and his expression is really good. “I’ve never pointed out any shortcomings in dancing,” he praised.

Regarding Luca, Ri Do-do said, “In addition to solid basic skills, there are years of experience that the age group does not have. “Not only does he perform simple choreography, but his aura from freestyle is unique,” he praised.

In addition to dance, YG’s intense rapping with hip-hop identity caught both ears. At the end of the month evaluation, Luca perfectly spoke Korean despite being a Japanese member and showed his own making rap. In response, YG producer VICTON expressed surprise, saying, “Luka feels like a ‘rapper’ even if he stays still.”

Luca’s friendly daily life was also revealed. Luca made global fans smile with his innocent appearance, saying that he enjoyed music with Ah-hyun and Chicita, and that coffee is still bitter.

He also confessed his frank and honest story. Luca confessed, “I will try harder to repay my family who are waiting for my debut than anyone else,” adding, “I want to debut as a cool artist and show my own charm.”

Meanwhile, Baby Monster is a new girl group released by YG in about seven years after BLACKPINK, and most of them are teenagers. The multinational composition of three Koreans (Ahyun, Haram, Laura), two Thai people (Parita, Chikita), and two Japanese people (Luka, Asa) is a newcomer prepared by YG to target the global market. Those who Yang Hyun-seok, the executive producer, announced their debut in person are known to have been prepared with great care for a long time.

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