Without renewing the contract MF leaves every day

Without renewing the contract MF leaves every day for hot sales with their own way


It has been confirmed that Japanese national soccer team midfielder Daichi Kamada (26) will finish accompanying Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) at the end of this season. As he naturally became a free agent this summer, attention is being paid to his destination, which is receiving a lot of “love calls.”

Frankfurt said on its official website on the 12th (Korea Standard Time), “I wanted to continue to accompany Kamada, who has been with me for six years, but I decided not to renew my contract and will go my own way at the end of this season.” “I hope you will be full of luck in the future,” he announced.

Kamada is a Japanese midfielder who left Sagan Dos (Japan) in 2017 and wore a Frankfurt uniform. In the first season of the transfer, he did not have a chance to play, but after going on loan at Sintraweeden (Belgium), he took off as a starting player in earnest from the 2019-2020 season. He has scored 37 goals and 31 assists in 170 games.

Kamada, who previously extended the contract period by three years in September 2020, thought about his future until recently with the contract expiring on June 30. As a result, he failed to reach an agreement over his salary, refused to renew his contract as he decided to take on a new challenge, and left Frankfurt as an FA this summer.

Kamada is already receiving “love calls” from various clubs as he has proved his competitiveness not only in the German Bundesliga but also in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) stage and is considered a young and talented midfielder. In particular, it has emerged as a “hot sale” this summer as it can be recruited without spending a penny on transfer fees.

In fact, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund (Germany), Barcelona and Atletico Madrid (Spain), Newcastle United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur (England), AC Milan and AS Roma (Italy) have sent scouts to court 파워볼밸런스

In the meantime, Kamada had reached the final stage of negotiations by completing a verbal agreement with Dortmund until early last month. Recently, however, the atmosphere has changed again. In particular, as Barcelona, the “dream club,” showed interest, there were a series of reports that it may change its mind, and the next destination is in a “distraction.”

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