WINNER’s Song Minho, father…Protecting the mortuary in grief

WINNER’s Song Minho, father…Protecting the mortuary in grief

Song Minho

Winner Song Minho (29) suffered a father’s injury.

According to a report by Sports Chosun, Song Min-ho’s father, identified only by his surname Song, passed away on the 21st. It was confirmed that the deceased finally closed his eyes while fighting against the chronic disease.

Song Min-ho has confessed his affection for his father through broadcasts in the past. In particular, he worried about his father’s health and said, “I’m worried a lot because he’s sick right now.” 안전공원

Song Min-ho’s father had been hospitalized and treated until recently, but died after fighting the disease. Currently, Song Min-ho is guarding the deceased’s mortuary in sorrow.

Song Min-ho made his debut as a member of the group WINNER in 2014 and made his face known. It was greatly loved, leaving hits such as “Really Really”, “Empty”, “Everyday”, “Millions”, “Love Me Love Me”, “Ireland”, “Sentimental”, and “Don’t flirt”.

Since 2018, he has also shown off his solo artist’s capabilities with both solo activities, “fiance,” “Runaway,” and “Tang!” His entertainment activities were also brilliant. He also appeared in the “New Journey to the West” series and “Kang’s Restaurant” and was recognized for his sense of entertainment.

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