“Wind Controversy” Seo Ju-won, a war of words with Internet users

“Wind Controversy” Seo Ju-won, a war of words with Internet users, “I’m not ashamed.”

Seo Ju-won, the ex-husband of YouTuber Aok-i, is drawing attention by commenting, “Yes, not at all,” to a netizen’s post saying, “Aren’t you ashamed?”

Seo Ju-won

On the 2nd, Seo Ju-won had a war of words with some netizens on his personal Instagram on January 18.

Seo Joo-won said to a netizen who commented, “Did you cheat on me?” and “What are the pictures taken?” “Use your real-name account first.” Would you like to bet your entire fortune on divorce due to adultery and extramarital affairs, he said. “Why should you explain and explain your personal history publicly one by one?”

Earlier, the post was also mentioned as if it had been aimed at Aok-eok. On May 11 last year, Seo Ju-won posted on his Instagram story, “Now I have to fight against you. I thought he’d admit it until the end, but he just cleverly avoided it. I’ve been saying this for a long time. The law is a battle of evidence, don’t leave a mark. Don’t leave me any more. There are already many,” he uploaded.

The meaningful article raised suspicions that “Isn’t it the wrong guy who cheated?” and rumors of a disagreement between the two have arisen.

Seo Ju-won said, “Did I specify the other person in the article? Even if it was specific, he expressed his unfairness, saying, “Did the other party get attacked this much (like me now).”

As the netizen continued to demand an explanation, he said, “It is a matter that can be clarified through a lawsuit against a commercial woman. However, it is said that the warden has not come yet,” he said. He also said, “We will block ghost accounts in the future.”

Some speculate that “Seo Ju-won seems to have formed a different relationship after he said he would divorce Aok-ee.”

On the other hand, last month, Aogyeol said on his YouTube channel, “I divorced Seo Ju-won by agreement last year,” and revealed, “The reason for the divorce is Seo Joo-won’s extramarital affair and women’s problems have been frequent since newlyweds.”

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