Why are viewers so excited about Dolsing

Why are viewers so excited about Dolsing


The returned single, “Dolsing,” engulfed the broadcaster. This keyword was at the center of the conversation by mass-producing various characters in real love entertainment programs. Even if you go here and there, you can hear stories about the program unusual. It is proving a keen interest.

“I’m SOLO,” which is being broadcast simultaneously on ENA and SBS PLUS, is organized as a 16th Dolsing special. On the 13th, the channel’s combined average ratings were 6.541% (based on paid households nationwide). In terms of the metropolitan area, SBS PLUS was 4.691% and ENA was 2.676%, showing a total of 7.367%. On the 6th, it recorded its own best at 5.859%, but it broke again in a week. In terms of the topic value, it ranked second in the topic value category of TV-OTT non-drama shows in the first week of September. It has increased 15.2% points compared to the previous week, chasing No. 1 Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” with a steep rise for the past three consecutive weeks.

MBN’s “Dol Singles 4,” which is set to make its last choice before living together, is set up on the U.S. side this season. New approaches to the viewers, seeking change. The 9th episode of “Doll Singles 4,” which aired on the 17th, recorded a viewer rating of 3.8% (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid broadcasting households), breaking season 4’s own record. In addition, in the non-drama TV search response released by Good Data Corporation in the first week of September, “Doll Singles 4” ranked third, “Doll Singles 4” ranked first in the non-drama search issue keyword TOP10, and “Doll Singles 4” ranked seventh.

Both programs deal with “Dolsing” and attract viewers’ interest and sympathy. In the case of “I Am Solo,” the characters of each cast member are built up and face the rawness of the human group. Above all, its characteristics stand out in the Dolsing special. Viewers can sympathize with the fact that the clear standards and philosophy of one’s own from past wounds, pain, and experiences do not go their way in a solo country. There is no hesitation in expressing one’s feelings. In the case of the 16th Dolsing special, the individual characters of the cast are strong, and it is even wondered, “Can it be like this even if the production team tried to gather it like this on purpose. Because of this, malicious comments are pouring in, but ratings and buzz are on fire.

“Dol Singles 4” shows the lives of Dolsing men and women living in the United States and makes them listen to realistic grievances and sincerity. The fact that “region” is more important than any other factor is a feature of this U.S. There is no hesitation in expressing affection. It naturally watches the program and feels cultural differences, providing fresh fun that has not been seen in the previous season 대전호빠

In this regard, Jung Deok-hyun, a pop culture critic, said, “The level of reality shows containing real love is increasing. Both programs look into the private lives of the cast and contain them starkly, he said. “In the case of ‘I’m Solo’, the topic of conversation is amplified when the controversy of the program or stories related to the cast’s personality explode. We can’t reveal our desires or instincts in our daily social life, but we’re like, “Is it okay to show your desires or instincts so plainly?I look at the performers with that gaze. “I feel uncomfortable and cool at the same time, but it’s because of the two sides of the character,” he said.

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