Whether prostheses are inserted after removing the chest filler

Whether prostheses are inserted after removing the chest filler


I don’t think we can decide before surgery whether the breast filler is removed and the prosthesis is released at the same time or later. Because no examination can make the inside of the chest as accurate as the eye can see. You may need to have surgery to remove the fillers and see if you can take them at the same time. If the area where the filler was removed was completely removed while addressing it, and the tissue, whether it’s a mammary tissue or a muscle man, is judged to be vivid and strong, you can put in the prosthesis at the same time.

If the filler causes severe tissue damage and is not strong, there are many side effects that can be different when using the prosthesis in English, so in that case, it is safe to take time and show it later to put water. We removed the chest filler and insured it at the same time, and these patients who removed the chest filler and insured it after a while have more side effects than the usual enlarged surgery. The first one is the one that’sides come out.

When you insert a prosthesis, the prosthesis-attention tissue is placed in the prosthesis in a pemac shape with the volume back, and the patient with the breast filler is very slow to do this. Because of that, I think there are more side effects of giving it to the prosthesis or putting it on the side before it’s positioning. Second, it’s caused by inflammation. Those who removed it with a chest filler and insured it were given a chest filler, and even if the prosthesis was removed because of foreign substances,

There is still a small amount of filler left, so there seems to be a lot of side effect inflammatory reactions between the two foreign substances. In this case, as I always told you, we need to treat inflammation and infection separately, but in the case of inflammation, antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs are used to calm inflammation, but if it’s hepatitis caused by penetration of infectious bacteria, it’s a shame, but if you go after removing it, you need to put a prosthesis again later.

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