What happened in the last 13 seconds?

What happened in the last 13 seconds? The shock of GSW Kerr


He had a four-point lead with 13 seconds left in the game, but gave up the game by making absurd mistakes in a row. The impact of Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr seemed significant.

The Golden State Warriors lost 123-124 against the Utah Jazz in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season at the Utah Vivint Arena on the 9th (Korea Standard Time). With the loss, Golden State suffered its 13th loss (13 wins) of the season and fell into a swamp of consecutive losses.

The defeat on the day is somewhat shocking for Golden State. It is said that he lost after going to the ninth ridge of the victory. With 13 seconds left in the game, Golden State was leading by a two-position difference of 123-119 points. If the game was played normally, it was a difficult score difference to lose.

However, one mistake in defense and one mistake in offense caused a big butterfly effect. Golden State allowed Nickel Alexander Walker to break through with nine seconds left in the game, but Clay Thompson missed his markman as he went on an unnecessary help defense. Alexander Walker delivered a kick-out pass to Malik Beasley outside, and the game was one point apart as Beasley scored a three-point shot.

A more fatal mistake remained in the ensuing attack. After calling a timeout, he ordered an inbound pattern on the court in front of Golden State, and Jordan Poole allowed Alexander Walker a steal as soon as he received the pass, which led to Simeone Pontezio’s come-from-behind goal just a second before the end. Golden State, who made two mistakes at the most important moment, suffered a 123-124 come-from-behind defeat.

The atmosphere at the press conference after the game was bad. Asked what happened in the last 13 seconds, Steve Kerr said, “Didn’t you see it yourself? Are you asking me that?” he responded nervously and said, “We couldn’t keep the ball. They took the game. It’s a pity,” he said.

“The players lost even though they did a lot of great things. We didn’t close the door to victory properly. He had to protect the ball as hard as a stone and be smart in defense. Nothing was done in the last 13 seconds.This kind of game comes out once or twice a season. It’s a game that makes you think, “What the hell happened?” as you leave the stadium. How did you let that happen…I said 토토사이트

Golden State, which suffered a shocking defeat, aims to escape its losing streak against the Boston Celtics on the 10th

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