WeMade Partners with Blockchain Infrastructure Company DSRV

WeMade Partners with Blockchain Infrastructure Company DSRV


Wemade has signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic partnerships with blockchain infrastructure company DSRV.

Through this partnership, DSRV will join the blockchain mainnet “WeMix 3.0” node council partner “40 Wonders” being developed by WeMade. 40 Wonders is a WeMix 3.0 blockchain node and is a global partner company that participates in major decision-making.

DSRV is growing rapidly in the blockchain core area. Based on proven technology, it is working as a representative valley data for more than 20 global blockchain, including Ethereum, Cello, and Solana.

Under the contract, DSRV will cooperate with Wemade in various ways to develop the Wemix 3.0 ecosystem. As an official partner, it plans to support more users to easily participate in the network and develop various applications through technical cooperation and provision of infrastructure as a service.

WeMade CEO Jang Hyun-guk said, “WeMade is recruiting proven global companies and projects as node council partners for the development of the WeMix 3.0 ecosystem,” adding, “WeMade will evolve into a more sustainable and open mainnet through 100% reserve stable coin WeMix dollars and transparent node council.”

WeMade is testing the WeMix 3.0 protocol and network stability. It will be released this month after completing the system verification.

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