We can’t give it to Tottenham Manchester City’s

We can’t give it to Tottenham Manchester City’s buyback clause is used to block recruitment


Tottenham’s recruitment of Pedro Porto (23, Sporting) has been disrupted.

Porol, who grew up in Girona, moved to Manchester City in 2019. But he didn’t get a chance at Manchester City and left on loan to Valladolid. From the 2019-20 season, he played on a two-season loan for Sporting, and recently agreed to a full transfer.

The prisoner is a right fullback who boasts an accurate cross. He participates in the attack and tries several cross attempts. It also actively penetrates into the box, adding strength to the attack. It is a resource that can revitalize from the side, although its weak physical strength and unstable defense are considered shortcomings.

Tottenham, which wants to reinforce the right side back, is paying attention to the prisoner. The right wingback problem has consistently plagued Tottenham in recent seasons. Emerson Royal is the starting pitcher, but he is not giving faith, and Matt Doherty and Jed Spence have lost the trust of coach Antonio Conte. Spence was recruited this summer but could leave the team in the winter.

In response, Tottenham is trying to strengthen its right side through the winter transfer market. “Tottenham has decided to recruit prisoners,” the Portuguese journal CM said. They will strengthen their insufficient position through negotiations with Sporting,” he reported.

The stumbling block is Manchester City. John Weham of the British Football Insider said on the 26th (Korea Standard Time), “Manchester City could interfere with Tottenham’s recruitment as a prisoner. Manchester City sent the prisoner to Sporting and inserted a (20 million buyback clause (a clause that allows players to be re-entered if they pay a certain transfer fee), he said.

“Tottenham is trying to invest 45 million pounds (about 70 billion won), but Manchester City will not allow it easily. There is a possibility that the prisoners will be recruited again. “There is also a plan to lease Tottenham after that,” he said, expressing Manchester City’s position.

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