“Venom 2,” Tom Hardy, also a writer, “100% devoted to film.”

“Venom 2,” Tom Hardy, also a writer, “100% devoted to film.”

“Venom 2: Let’s Dare Be Carnage,” which will be released in September, is Tom Hardy.

It was revealed on the 9th that he participated in story work as a writer.

“Venom 2: Let der Be Carnage” is an unhating villain hero “Venom” (Tom Hardy).

It is an action blockbuster that depicts an inevitable confrontation, with the worst villain “Carnage” (Woody Harrelson) appearing in front of it, heralding an era of chaos.

Actor Tom Hardy, who also participated in the movie planning in the previous film “Venom,” the beginning of the series, also participated in the story creation of the movie this time.

Screenwriter Kelly Marcel, who wrote the script for “Venom 2: Let’s Dare Be Carnage,” told the foreign press that he was working on the film.

One interview said, “Tom Hardy didn’t write it himself, but we made a video call.

We talked about the movie for months, and I worked on it with all of that.

Tom Hardy’s participation as a Story by was officially recognized.”

Also, Kelly Marcel said, “Tom Hardy is 100 percent devoted to the film. He’s really married to ‘Venom’. 파워볼사이트

“I love the character ‘Venom’,” Tom Hardy hinted.

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