Uhm Jung-hwa’s leg suture surgery friend Jung Jae-hyung’s

Uhm Jung-hwa’s leg suture surgery friend Jung Jae-hyung’s cruel face in Bali

Uhm Jung-hwa

Actress Um Jung-hwa revealed that she had a leg suture surgery in Bali.

Um Jeong-hwa uploaded a video of her trip to Bali on her YouTube channel on the 11th. I planned a surfing trip with my friend Jung Jae-hyung.

Um Jung-hwa enjoyed the trip by surfing and drinking. However, on the seventh day of the trip, I suffered a torn shin while surfing.

Eom Jeong-hwa, who recorded the situation in a video, also captured Jung Jae-hyung moving to the hospital together. Jung Jae-hyung asked Um Jung-hwa, “Can I take a picture of you, too?” and filmed it.

Uhm Jung-hwa expressed her disappointment to Jung Jae-hyung, saying, “I don’t look worried,” adding, “Are you filming this with a cruel face? My wound.”

At the same time, Um Jung-hwa showed her sorry to Jung Jae-hyung, who was worried about her injury.

Um Jung-hwa had three stitches at the hospital due to her injury. Afterwards, Eom Jeong-hwa said, “I’m depressed. I can’t surf because I hurt my leg.”

At the bottom of the video, Uhm Jung-hwa announced the condition of her leg, saying, “The wound is healing well.”

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