U.S. basketball team’s shock defeat to France

U.S. basketball team’s shock defeat to France after a poor game of “Even Durant and Lillard were sluggish.”

U.S. basketball team's

American basketball is no longer the best in the world. It seems difficult to win a medal, not to mention a gold medal. 토토사이트

The U.S. men’s basketball team, led by coach Greg Popovich, lost 76-83 to France at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Men’s Basketball Group A qualifying round held at Saitama Super Arena on the 25th.

The problem of the U.S., which suffered two losses in the evaluation match, was repeated. The defense was wide open, and the organization was not in sync. The players were overconfident in their personal skills, and even one-on-one attacks didn’t work. France was also more enthusiastic about aggression and victory.

The U.S. has drawn up the starting lineup with Damian Lillard, Jack Lavigne, Kevin Durant, Raymond Green and Bam Adebayor. Durant and Lillard, the main players, showed extreme shooting conditions. Lillard, who used to shoot freely on the half-line, even hesitated to shoot.

The French goal that “NBA Defender of the Year” Rudy Govere endured was not easy. France won the rebound 42–36. Evan Ponier played well, exploding 28 points outside.

The U.S., trailing 37-45 in the first half, turned the tables 69-63 in the fourth quarter. But Reid didn’t last long. Ponier hit an outside shot and eventually allowed a reversal.

The U.S., which lost two points at the end of the fourth quarter, missed Durant, Lavigne and Green’s three consecutive three-point shots. Even Lillard, who believed in him, fell in the last attack and ruined the game with his worst play, even committing fouls.

Lillard scored 11 points with a 30 percent fielding rate and Durant only scored 10 points with 33 percent fielding. It was a graduation exhibition unlike a superstar who earns tens of billions of won in annual salary in the NBA. Zuru Halladay, who won the NBA Final, scored 18 points, but he also failed to score an important three-point shot at the end.

Since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the United States has invited NBA stars to the Olympics. It was the worst Olympic performance in the history of the United States to win bronze at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Perhaps you will see the worst U.S. basketball ever in Tokyo this year. At the 2019 China Basketball World Cup, the U.S. finished seventh.

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