TWICE Sana looks like a sports drink commercial.

TWICE Sana looks like a sports drink commercial.The purest beauty of all-time.


Sana, a member of group TWICE, showed off her innocent beauty.

Minatozaki SaNa 164cm, 45kg

Minatozaki SaNa

On the 24th, Sana posted several photos on TWICE’s official Instagram, saying, “I thought of it because the sky was pretty.”

In the photo released, Sana smiles against the backdrop of the blue water.

Wearing a white lace dress, he gave off a pure yet clear atmosphere.

In particular, the loveliness completed with a sparkling cute smile like a popular idol is eye-catching.


Netizens who saw this responded, “I thought of Sana because she was pretty,” and “I am drunk on her alcohol-free.”

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