TWICE Jihyo, doll visual ‘perfect world’.

TWICE Jihyo, doll visual ‘perfect world’.

The world with Ji-hyo is a perfect world.

On the 21st, Jihyo posted several photos on TWICE’s official Instagram with the words “perfect world.”

In the picture, Ji hyo leaned on the chair and wore a white saw to show off her sleek shoulder line.

Especially large and clear eyes, a high nose, and a pretty smile on the corners of your mouth make you unable to take your eyes off.

Adding a lively look with mid-length hairstyle that touches her shoulders, Ji-hyo showed off her worldly beauty with a variety of faces,

ranging from smiling to winking and expressionless. Fans cheered on the scene with comments such as “So pretty!” “Perfect Ji hyo” and “I love you.”

Meanwhile, TWICE, a group that Jihyo belongs to, recently released its third regular Japanese album “Perfect World,”

and member Jeongyeon stopped working due to panic and psychological anxiety disorders.

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