Treat her as a colleague not a child

Treat her as a colleague not a child


Jung Ji-so’s pictorial has been released.

Jung Ji-so’s pictorial, which is receiving great attention through the Netflix series “The Glory,” was released on the March issue of “Cosmopolitan” on February 27.

Jung Ji-so has recently been well received for playing the role of young Dong-eun in “The Glory.” He said, “I think my interest in ‘The Glory’ is extraordinary. I feel a great sense of accomplishment as I receive attention along with my acting and compliments. “I worked hard, I’m learning well, I’m not embarrassed.” I’m proud. “My friends and family compliment me,” he said. “I think ‘The Glory’ became the turning point as an actor.” We’re receiving a lot of love. Still, I’m not interested or swayed, and I’m going to work hard on my next work like before,” he said.

Regarding the most important thing while preparing for young Dong-eun, Jung Ji-so said, “I thought I shouldn’t waste details such as facial expressions, breathing, and lines. He said, “I worked hard with my heart, and everyone who was there was considerate of us.” Regarding the collaboration with director Ahn Gil-ho, he also said, “I think you trusted me and watched me. “If you’re not out of the big frame, you’ve warmed up the atmosphere on the scene so that you can act as freely as possible,” he said. “He looked at me and shook hands with a friendly tone, and he was as nice as I imagined. I felt respect. I made up my mind. “I should work harder,” he said, expressing his impression of star writer Kim Eun-sook.

In addition, about actor Song Hye-kyo, who played a different age group of one character, “The energy was great. I thought about every line and felt immersed. I was nervous just playing a character like Song Hye-kyo. “But he treated me kindly, not as a child, but as a colleague,” he said, expressing respect.

Born in 1999, Jung Ji-so is a veteran actor in his 10th year since his debut. When I asked him how the time to receive so much attention that he could celebrate now is coming, he said, “Thank you and I’m dumbfounded. “But I’m not excited, and I’ll work harder,” he replied.

Also, he is a member of MBC’s ‘What’s the point of playing’ Gaya G, who is loved by showing his extraordinary singing ability, said, “I have a close relationship with the members. What do you do when you play?The reason I appeared in ‘ was because I happened to audition while taking a break from the work, but I suddenly passed. I practiced the audition song by myself in a day. “In fact, I had a dream of becoming a singer when I was young, but my parents opposed it, and I did my best to sing on this occasion,” he said.

Finally, when asked about Jung Ji-so’s goal, he said, “I think I’ll have a goal when I go into the next shoot. I don’t want to set a specific goal for what kind of actor I want to be, what kind of impression I want to make. I always want to do my best in a given situation and be faithful to my role,” he said.

Interviews and more photos of Jung Ji-so can be found in the March issue of Cosmopolitan and on its website.

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