Tray Turner, 20th arch against Colorado.

Tray Turner, 20th arch against Colorado.

Tray Turner

Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Trey Turner achieved his first 20 home runs and 20 steals.

Turner started as the first batter and second baseman in a home game against the 2021 Major League Baseball Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on the 28th (Korea time).

Tray Turner, who had 19 home runs and 25 steals before the game, joined the first 20-20 club of his career by shooting a solo home run against Colorado starter Kyle Freeland in the third inning.

Turner failed to make his name on the 20-20 club for the second consecutive year due to a lack of one home run in 2018 (19 home runs-43 stolen bases) and 2019 (19 home runs-35 stolen bases) during the Washington Nationals.토토사이트

The Dodgers, who are second in the National League West, lost 2-4 to Colorado, 81-48.

There is a 2.5 game gap with San Francisco (83 wins and 45 losses), the Western leader who lost on the day.

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