Towns and Edwards could return to Atlanta on the 23rd

Towns and Edwards could return to Atlanta on the 23rd


The Minnesota Timberwolves are looking for a power recovery during the week.

According to Shams Carania of The Athletic, Minnesota’s “Special K” Carl-Anthony Towns (213cm, 112kg) and “Ant-Man” Anthony Edwards (Guard, 193cm, 102kg) could return.

The two are expected to play in the home game against the Atlanta Hawks as early as the 23rd (Korea Standard Time). Towns said the situation was finalized last week and that he could play this week if possible. Edwards was feared to be seriously injured, but was classified as injured on the day.

Minnesota is looking forward to a power recovery. If they return at the same time, they can seek to advance to the playoffs right away. Because it can give you a big break in an attack. If those who have to lead the attack from inside and outside come in, Minnesota may aim for the playoffs without going through a play-in tournament.

However, breathing is the key. Towns was sidelined during the season. Has not played for a considerable period of time, and has not been able to work properly with Rudy Gobert while playing early in the season. It can be said that they matched hands and feet, but their performance was not good. In the meantime, Minnesota sent out Russell (Lakers) as DeAngel ahead of the trade deadline and brought in Mike Conley.

He brought not the guard who had played with Towns, but Conley, who had played with Gobert until last season. The intention was to organize the roles of existing players and distribute attacks through Cory, who has a lot of experience as well as running the game. Minnesota, however, has repeated its losing streak and winning streak, adding only two more wins in its last seven games. I have a busy way to go 파워볼게임

Minnesota is ranked eighth in the Western Conference with 36 wins and 37 losses so far this season. However, the gap with sixth place in the conference is only one game, so it can be narrowed at any time. If Towns and Edwards join in earnest right now, it will be a power that will not only advance to the maximum playoffs on its own but also continue to pass the tournament at least

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