Tottenham fans who attacked Ramsdale… EPL-Tottenham “Most…

Tottenham fans who attacked Ramsdale… EPL-Tottenham “Most Powerful Action to Take”


Tottenham fans who attacked Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale are expected to face strong punishment, including a ban on the stadium.

Tottenham, which had the 20th round of the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the morning of the 16th (Korea Standard Time), lost 0-2 to Arsenal. The 193rd North London Derby was Arsenal’s victory. Arsenal (47 points) solidified their lead, while Tottenham (33 points) remained in fifth place.

After the end of the game, a Tottenham fan broke in. Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale had an argument with Hisha Lisson after the final whistle. The surrounding players took Ramsdale toward the stands to separate the two, and a fan ran out and attempted to kick at Ramsdale. Immediately, the safety guard stopped it, which did not lead to a major accident. The fan fled back to the stands. Since then, there has been a war of nerves between the players, and head coach Mikel Arteta has come forward to stop Arsenal players.

The Premier League Secretariat also issued a statement condemning the fans’ actions. The Premier League said, “We condemn the fan’s behavior after the match between Tottenham and Arsenal,” adding, “There is no place for violence in soccer.” Under no circumstances should players be attacked or feared for safety during the game. “The league will support the club and related authorities to take strong measures,” he said.

The Tottenham club also said on its official website, “The fan’s behavior in attempting to attack Arsenal goalkeeper Ramsdale at the end of the game is terrible. There is no place for violence in football. “The club has reviewed CCTV for identification and will work with police, Arsenal and Ramsdale to take the strongest steps, including a ban on Tottenham Hotspur Stadium,” the statement said. 코인파워볼

Meanwhile, Arteta said of Ramsdale’s attack, “I didn’t see anything (about that scene). All I saw was a beautiful game. “There’s nothing we can do about the situation right now,” Ramsdale said. And there’s no 0.00001% impact on the joy of victory we’ve had. Ramsdale is fine,” he said.

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