Tom Cruise Rages BMW Stolen theft of valuables

Tom Cruise Rages BMW Stolen theft of valuables

Tom Cruise

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was furious when a BMW containing thousands of pounds worth of valuables was stolen while filming “Mission Impossible 7.”

According to the Independent and other foreign media on the 26th (local time), Tom Cruise’s car was stolen while staying in Birmingham, England, for “Mission Impossible 7.” Tom Cruise’s bodyguard-driven vehicle was a BMW X7, which was stolen while parked in the parking lot of the Grand Hotel, media reported.

The thieves reportedly committed crimes using scanners.

Tom Cruise’s aides said the stolen car contained thousands of pounds of luggage and was all gone when police recovered it.

“We received a report that the BMW X7 was stolen from Church Street in Birmingham,” police said in a statement said. According to the statement, Tom Cruise’s vehicle has been recovered, and CCTV investigations have been conducted into the area where the vehicle was recovered.토토사이트

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise is rumored to be dating Haley Atwell, who starred in Mission Impossible 7. The recent landing of a helicopter carrying Tom Cruise in the garden of a British home was a hot topic.

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