There’s nothing impossible Fresh acting master Soyeon Kim

There’s nothing impossible Fresh acting master Soyeon Kim


The splendor is indescribable. It may be right to say that it is exaggerated. Usually, that’s how much people avoid eye contact. If it is too fancy, it is burdensome, and if it is too exaggerated, it is often a situation that is not as good as it is. But the Soyeon Kim is different. It’s not making you look away because it’s uncomfortable, but it’s making you want to see it even a little more with its amazing suction power. He is showing off his true value by meeting characters who show off his beauty and acting skills at the same time.

Soyeon Kim is currently performing brilliantly on tvN’s “Nine Tailed 1938” (written by Han Woo-ri, directed by Kang Shin-hyo). Gumiho Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-wook), who once commanded the world as the owner and mountain god of Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, is a sequel released by Gumiho Lee Yeon (2020), who loved and reincarnated humans and lived by dealing with miscellaneous gods that disturb the world. Here, Soyeon Kim played Ryu Hong-ju, a water owl who became a mountain god while studying alumni with Lee Yeon and Chun Moo-young (Ryu Kyung-soo) as a child.

Ryu Hong-joo, a character who was not in the previous episode, showed off her great prowess from her first appearance. Ryu Hong-joo, who catches the eye at once with just his colorful clothes, faced a Japanese officer proudly to protect his Yein as the owner of Myoyeongak, the best restaurant in Gyeongseong. He then rushed to Lee Yeon, who appeared in front of him for the first time in a long time. “Let’s get married,” he said, “Mine,” and when Lee Yeon refused, he attacked fiercely, saying, “I’ll kill you if you can’t do mine.”

Soyeon Kim shows brilliant action as if it were challenging the “Action Empress” because it was regrettable just by the title of femme fatale. In particular, the scene of a duel on the train with Lee Yeon is overwhelming. Dali drew a scene of a one-on-one superheroes fighting one-on-one on the roof of a running train, opening the full-fledged door to “Nine Tailed 1938” as a K-fantasy action play. At first, they fought as if they were going to kill each other, but when they found out, the nine-tailed fox and the eagle owl showed off their different abilities and power, instilling expectations that they would turn “Nine Tailed 1938” into a K-hero Avengers.

On top of that, Lee Yeon’s half-brother Lee Rang (Kim Beom) and Cheon Moo-young (Ryu Kyung-soo), a tiger of Baekdusan Mountain who can match Lee Yeon-Ryu Hong-ju, appear, making the K-hero even richer, even if he is a villain. In addition, Lee Yeon, Ryu Hong-ju, and Cheon Moo-young, who used to be like the Three Musketeers as children, are now in a love-hate relationship with each other with their respective stories, and Ryu Hong-ju serves as a bridge to connect old friendships. This is also the case with Lee Yeon and Chun Moo-young, who are unlikely to recover from the relationship, working together to find Ryu Hong-joo, whose whereabouts are unknown due to Jang San-beom.

Ryu Hong-joo is creepy with overwhelming charisma, but also turns cute and lovely. He melts his heart by showing warm recognition even though he is driven as if he were ruthless. Soyeon Kim is captivating fans by freely playing such a large-spectrum character. Soyeon Kim, who seems to be exaggerated as Chun Seo-jin in the previous film “Penthouse,” but showed viewers the essence of character acting with the inhalation that has no choice but to fall into, is also immersed in the charm of character acting with a special character. Knowing Soyeon Kim’s soft and innocent appearance revealed through entertainment and YouTube, watching his acting makes me even more impressed and immersed in the Soyeon Kim

In addition, Soyeon Kim emphasizes the bright pink eye shadow on the eyes to express the character of the eagle owl, and shows colorful styling by wearing colorful costumes between hanbok and Western clothes in the background of the Japanese colonial period, but does it perfectly without any awkwardness. Unique makeup, various accessories, and clothes decorated with colorful patterns can mess up the screen, and the combination of the Soyeon Kim’s natural beauty and excellent acting skills makes it a strong impact, making it fixed the eyes.

As such, things that seem to be excessive are gathered in the Soyeon Kim and completed as a harmonious character. Through Ryu Hong-joo, Soyeon Kim is once again proving his ability. It is enhancing the fun of “Nine Tailed 1938” with a character performance that draws attention.

He also applauded the outstanding casting of the production team that selected Soyeon Kim for the role of Ryu Hong-joo, raising expectations for how Ryu Hong-joo will perform in the remaining “Nine Tailed 1938” and how Soyeon Kim will cheer fans. Ryu Hong-joo will protect the two in his own way, watching the current cold relationship between Lee Yeon and Chun Moo-young I made a resolution. At the end of the sentence, I wonder what the addition of “even if our relationship is in tatters” suggests. I can’t wait to see how amazing Ryu Hong-joo’s performance in Soyeon Kim will be

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