There’s never been a real couple since we got married

There’s never been a real couple since we got married


Couple YouTuber and comedian Jung Chan-min and actor Lim Soo-hyun, who led 160,000 followers with a skit called “Honey Misunderstanding,” will appear on MBN’s new entertainment show “Break Couple.”

The “Resting Couple,” which will premiere on the 19th, is the second entertainment program to be presented by Crea Studio, which led the entertainment industry, after “Burning Trotman.” It presents the only “couple relationship solution” in the world to Korean couples living as “sexless” for various social and personal reasons to help restore healthy and happy marital relationships by finding “hearts” that will touch each other’s “hearts” rather than simply focusing on “sex.”

Above all, comedian Jung Chan-min, who became popular with voice phishing jokes in the corner of the gag concert “Yellow Sea,” and wife actor Lim Soo-hyun, who runs the couple’s YouTube “My Story,” have confirmed her appearance in “The Resting Couple,” drawing attention. In particular, on the YouTube “My Story” channel run by the two people, “Honey…” which includes avoiding marital relationships…”It’s a misunderstanding” content is gaining popularity. Attention is focusing on the relationship between the two, which is close, whether the driving force of their realistic acting is based on facts, not skits.

Jung Chan-min and Lim Soo-hyun shocked everyone by revealing that they were truly a “never” couple after marriage at a workshop for a couple resting. Jung Chan-min confessed, “As soon as the wedding was over, the relationship disappeared strangely,” and Lim Soo-hyun said, “I didn’t do it at OO either. We!” he confessed, shocking Shin Dong-yeop and Han Chae-ah. Questions are mounting over what the “rest story” of the two, who turned the studio upside down, is and what happened to the two, who are newly married only a year ago.

Meanwhile, “Resting Couple” will premiere at 10:10 p.m. on the 19th

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