The story of youth in the mask of evil occult

The story of youth in the mask of evil occult


It was expected that the sound of “Occult Water” would contain a lot of creepy ghosts and exorcism stories to defeat them. In fact, Kim Tae-ri, who is possessed by evil spirits, and Oh Jung-se, who is trying to defeat evil spirits, appear and are digging up clues to the case. However, the occult was, in a way, an eye trick. I’m dealing with a ghost story, but the message I want to convey was a story about a person.

SBS Friday-Saturday drama “The Devil” is a Korean-style occult mystery drama about a woman wearing an evil spirit and a man who can see the evil spirit digging into the mysterious death. Gu San-young, who has endured every day and is gradually eroded by evil spirits, was Kim Tae-ri, a folkloric professor from a wealthy family, and Oh Jung-se was in charge of Yeom Hae-sang, who has persistently tracked down the evil spirit that killed his mother

In addition to the solid cast, “The Devil” received a lot of attention as a new work by Kim Eun-hee, the master of genre. In particular, the subject of folklore, which was chosen to create a Korean-style occult, also received a lot of attention. From the beginning of the broadcast, “The Devil” has been living up to the expectations by extending the big stem of the incident. At the same time, it leaves a variety of rice cakes, including the identity of the evil spirit written on San-young, the intention of the father, Koo Sang-mo (Jin Seon-gyu), and the existence of evil spirits other than the evil spirit written on San-young, making you have no choice but to watch the next episode.

The two actors, Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jung-se, are leading the play with their acting skills that do not disappoint. Kim Tae-ri is showing a kind of one-man double role by simultaneously playing the villain who borrowed the body of Gu San-young and Gu San-young, who live a pitiful life. Due to the character’s setting, Kim Tae-ri’s unique bright smile is not often seen. Instead, Kim Tae-ri catches the eye by simultaneously showing the appearance of youth living in a dry reality and a cool smile that makes the viewer horrified by the desire. Oh Jung-se removes the pleasant side he has shown so far and shows a serious side. The so-called Yeom Hae-sang, who even has a good sense and sociality in folklore, can be portrayed as a strange character, but Oh Jung-se expresses it without exaggeration

“The Devil” advocates a thriller genre, but if you look closely, it eventually tells the story of a person who is not a ghost. A typical example is the setting that evil spirits grow by eating people’s desires. The sea’s saying that they should know the name of the ghost and release their resentment also means that they should listen to the story of the days when evil spirits were humans. Even after witnessing a series of deaths, he said, “There are no ghosts. San-young’s words, “Human beings are scarier than ghosts,” are cliche, but they imply this. On top of that, the story of the struggling youth living in the present era and messages about various social phenomena such as voice phishing, child abuse, and domestic violence are melted, capturing the current social image in the genre of occult.

As such, at the beginning of “The Evil Ghost,” the message “People are scarier than ghosts” penetrates the work. On top of that, there is a limit to the viewing price over the age of 15, and occult factors as expected are excluded. As the amount of time is devoted to capturing the story of youth, it is also less dense as a genre. Before the broadcast, we expected a story of a dizzying evil spirit and exorcism that eradicates it, but so far, the object is only a ghost, not a person, and it gives us a feeling that it is closer to a criminal trace. It is a point where some likes and dislikes can be divided among viewers who are looking forward to the news that writer Kim Eun-hee wrote a new occult film

Starting with 9.9% in the first episode, “The Devil” recorded 10% of viewership in the second episode. It falls short of the 30% viewership expected by Oh Jung-se and Hong Kyung at the production presentation held before the broadcast, but it is close to the 20% that Kim Tae-ri talked about. In particular, it is noteworthy that the ratings of the second episode ranked first among mini-series aired at the same time and on Saturday despite many competitive films. However, “The Devil” is a work that can be expected to be higher than this. SBS Friday-Saturday drama, which has been assigned to “The Devil,” is also a prime time period that has recently been chosen by many viewers. Attention is focusing on whether “The Devil,” which started off in a good mood, will be able to record higher ratings.

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