The secret to Olympic diving gold medal is knitting?

The secret to Olympic diving gold medal is knitting?

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British diver Tom Daley, who won the gold medal at the last Tokyo Olympics, enjoys knitting. The scene of the Olympics was a scene where he was immersed in knitting while showing his muscular upper body.

He started knitting last year. When the coronavirus order imposed a blockade order and was unable to train properly, he learned knitting to find stability in his mind and body.

“When I think about diving all day long, my body and mind are tired,” Daley said. “Thanks to knitting, I was able to get myself together.”

Berrywell Health, an American health media, introduced an expert opinion that knitting actually helps mental health by controlling stress.

According to a survey conducted last year by the British Association for Pyeony Crafts, 83 percent of knitting people aim to relieve stress. Knitting makes you feel better and improves your concentration. According to a 2013 study by Cardiff University and others, knitting improves the quality of psychological and social life.

Experts noted the repetitive movements of knitting. Professor Carrie Barren of the University of Texas said, “The repeated knitting moves calm down and give us the pleasure of obtaining concrete results.”

Conscious hand movements stimulate the perceptual region of the brain, he said. “Also, by creating artworks and taking care of the surroundings, we give life autonomy and purpose.”

Sara Günter Moore, a public relations officer at the American Association of Pyeony Crafts, said, “The advantage is that I can feel the sense of accomplishment that I’ve done it when I’ve mastered knitting skills that require some practice.”

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