The rise of DRX led by Zeka, the party that won the quarterfinals?

The rise of DRX led by Zeka, the party that won the quarterfinals?


League of Legends Korean Professional League (LCK) DRX’s midfielder Kim Gun-woo (Jeka) is leading the team to do well in the tournament.

DRX played the first round of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship group stage until the morning of the 11th (Korea time). DRX, which was originally said to have the most unstable performance among the four LCK teams that advanced to the tournament, is showing unusual momentum. In the last play-in stage, he captured the 2022 Mid-season Invitational (MSI) champion RNG, and on the 11th, he beat Top Sports (TES), which finished second in the Chinese Professional League (LPL) summer season.

Zeka joined DRX ahead of this season. Last spring season, he showed off a solid line game, but was evaluated as lacking in variable creation. However, his performance began to rise from the summer season, and he beat his opponents midfielder Lee Dae-kwang (Bigra, KT Rolster) and Lee Joo-hyun (Closer, Reeve Sandbox) in the 2022 LOL World Cup selection match and led the team to advance to the LOL World Cup.

DRX’s rise is led by the team’s mid-Zeka. Zeka recorded KDA 14.75 (37 kills, 4 deaths, 22 assists) in the 2022 LOL World Cup play-in stage. Thanks to Zeka’s performance, the team also succeeded in going straight to the finals by winning all five play-ins.

Zeka’s performance continued in the group stage of the finals. Against the European Professional League (LEC) champion Rogue, the entire team was pushed back and lost helplessly. However, in the match between Gam e-sports (GAM) and TES, he played an impressive role with “Sylus.” In particular, he showed off his outstanding influence by walking around the cross-border map against Ju Ding (Night), one of the best midfielders in the LPL in the match against TES. 토토추천

Thanks to Zeka’s strong performance, the team also won two games and lost one in the first round, ranking second in Group C. If this performance is maintained, DRX will be able to easily confirm its advance to the quarterfinals.

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