The Mercedes EQE SUV…I looked at the interior design in advance…

The Mercedes EQE SUV…I looked at the interior design in advance…


Mercedes-Benz is drawing attention as it unveiled the interior design of the world’s first electric vehicle EQESUV on October 16 through a teaser video on the 17th.

The EQE SUV is defined as a multi-purpose variant of the electric vehicle EQE, called a business sedan.

It has a more dynamic sense than EQS SUVs, and is considered the latest model of Mercedes-Benz’s electric vehicle brand EQ product line.

First of all, the EQE SUV is a model developed under the theme of Hyper-Analog, and Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX with three displays applied at the same time stands out.

It is also notable that external vents inspired by turbines are applied like sedans. The transmission tunnel is configured in the same way as the EQE.

A total of five colors will be applied to the EQESUV interior by combining Balao Brown and Neva Gray leather.

It differentiated the indoor atmosphere by employing hybrid materials that have both a cool feeling of aluminum and a warm feeling of wood.

The EQESUV has the same powertrain as the EQE. It will be equipped with a 90kWh battery pack and an electric motor with 288 horsepower. Four-wheel drive models are also included.

Meanwhile, Benz plans to introduce the EQESUV 434MATIC as the first EQE SUV model. The output is 469 horsepower.

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