The Japanese archipelago is in shock Monster appears

The Japanese archipelago is in shock Monster appears with an average swing rate of 47.9% at 160km


Roki Sasaki (22, Chiba Lotte), who is selected as the next ace of the Japanese national team, is a player with a growing taste. The term “monster of the Raywa era” is not a waste at all. It is also a pitching content that makes you wonder how much more you will extend.

Sasaki said, “In the rookie season, I was more focused on building my body than pitching in 2020. It was because of Chiba Lotte’s judgment that he lacked stamina to withstand in the first division with a thin body. In 2021, he had 11 appearances in the first division and 63 innings in innings. It was thoroughly managed so that the innings did not suddenly increase.

The shackles have been gradually loosened since last year. Last year, he pitched 129⅓ innings in 20 games, recording 9 wins, 4 losses and a 2.02 ERA. There was also a historical perfect game. Sasaki’s first full-time season is this year. Now, Chiba Lotte’s plan is to make his debut as a complete starter by playing more than regular innings.

The beginning of this year is perfect. He pitched 20 innings in three games with a 0 ERA. His batting average was 0.081, allowing only five hits in 20 innings. However, he is not a typical young pitcher with a problem with control. There are only three walks. The number of runs allowed per inning (WHIP) is 0.40. Of course, he swept three wins in three appearances.

It is said that Sasaki’s pitching power is at its peak. He struck out 30 in 20 innings. The number of strikeouts per nine innings was 13.50, which is better than last year (12.04), and the strikeout/walk ratio reached 10.00. Thanks to this overwhelming ratio, Sasaki’s ERA (FIP) is also at the top of the list with 0.21.

The average speed of Sasaki’s four-seam fastball, compiled by local Japanese media, is 99.2 miles (about 160 kilometers). It is hard to find one or two players in the Major League who are not bullpen pitchers but starting pitchers. The swing ratio is also 47.9 percent, which is ridiculous. If a bat comes out, it means that half of the bats are swinging in vain. There has never been such a player in the long history of Japanese professional baseball.

Since his debut, Sasaki has built a considerable sample of 212⅔ innings, during which time his ERA is 1.90. It is more surprising that he is a 22-year-old player. If you gain more strength and experience in the future, you can expect better pitching. Major League Baseball is waiting for this player to enter the U.S. for a reason 승인전화없는 토토사이트

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