The first interview after Ronaldo left Eriksen “I love the atmosphere”

The first interview after Ronaldo left Eriksen “I love the atmosphere”


Manchester United played their first Premier League game since they broke up with Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United’s key midfielder Christian Eriksen confessed that he was sad that Ronaldo left.

Manchester United won 3-0 in the first game of the second half of the 2022-2023 Premier League at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 27th.

Ronaldo, who was a star of Manchester United, caused a stir with his dogmatic interview in November. United have broken their contract with Ronaldo.

The match against Nottingham is Ronaldo’s first match since he left the team. Manchester United swept away Ronaldo’s absence with a complete victory.

After the victory, Eriksen said, “First of all, we are sad that Ronaldo is not part of us.”

Eriksen said, “Ronaldo’s legacy is special. Ronaldo’s name in any club is special. “I’m very lucky to be able to play with Ronaldo in my career.”

At the same time, he drew a line, saying that the Ronaldo incident is now in the past.

Eriksen said, “Football continues. After the next game, people forget what it was like before. We must now focus on Ronaldo not being here,” he stressed.

Manchester United lacks striker resources as Ronaldo goes out. The only authentic center forward is Anthony Martial. Marcial suffers from frequent injuries. A countermeasure is needed, but the match against Nottingham was successfully completed immediately. Marcial, Marcus Rashford and Fred scored.

“It was my first game since the World Cup,” Eriksen said. It is important to start over. We won 3-0 at home. It’s a good start. The atmosphere is very good. “Many people came back from the World Cup and gathered together,” he said, expressing satisfaction, saying, “The second half of the game is fresh.”

Manchester United had a difficult start with two consecutive losses at the beginning of the season. However, he is currently fifth with 29 points after playing 15 games. There is only one point difference between fourth-place Tottenham. It is an advantageous position because Manchester United played one game less than Tottenham 안전공원

Eriksen said, “Now we’re in a good position. It’s very different from the beginning of the season. There were some difficulties in some games, but we developed. “I believe the system is working well,” he said, showing confidence in the club.

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