TERA, which is about to end its service, will host an event dedicated

TERA, which is about to end its service, will host an event dedicated to fans


Krafton’s Bluehole Studio will hold a dedication event from June 2 to thank gamers who have been with the 11-year history of online MMORPG “Tera.”

The dedication event will consist of an appreciation event that allows players to share memories with gamers, a play support event that allows them to enjoy all of TERA’s contents without limitation for the rest of the period, and the last content dedicated to fans.

First of all, from June 2nd, Arborea’s memory appreciation event will be held to share memories with users.

During the event, major monsters in the game will appear as giant Guit monsters in various parts of Arborea, allowing them to be defeated and reminisce about their memories.

Guardians’ vouchers and token tokens of gratitude, which can be obtained as a compensation for the suppression, can be exchanged for rare decorative items such as the flame of the incarnation Bahar and the wings of the Darcan.

There is also a play support event where everyone can enjoy TERA’s memories for the rest of the period. 파워볼사이트

Access compensation and content compensation will increase so that all content can be enjoyed without restriction even if access is made for one day.

Finally, the Last Quest will be updated on June 15.

The Last Quest is the last update in the nature of dedicating it to users who have shared TERA’s history with content that allows them to meet key figures in the TERA Worldview and reflect on their memories.

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