Boston Emergency Robert Williams injured his thigh… a week’s

Boston Emergency Robert Williams injured his thigh… a week’s absence

Robert Williams

It is not easy for the Boston Celtics to set up their internal power properly.

Boston’s Robert Williams III (center-forward, 206 cm, 108 kg) was injured, according to Tim Burntems of ESPN.

Robert Williams is out of action for the time being because of a left thigh injury. Boston manager Joe Majula has announced Williams will be sidelined for at least seven to 10 days. Considering that a week gap is expected, it is not a serious injury.

Even if he doesn’t play right away, Boston can maintain its power, but his injury is painful at the core of the defense. Boston is home to Al Horford and Grant Williams. He also brought in Mike Muscala ahead of the trade deadline. Robert Williams’ vacancy is not expected to be that big right now.

This season Robert Williams has already started late with an injury. Even at the end of last season, he was disappointed due to an injury. He didn’t play much in the playoffs. Boston advanced to the final by winning the Eastern Conference despite his injury, but his contribution was inevitably poor in the playoffs due to injury.

Furthermore, his injury has left Boston rarely fully equipped. Including him, Horford, Jason Tatum, Jeilan Brown, and Marcus Smart played only 10 games at the same time. It is painful in many ways that Boston’s core power and those who have to play as key players played fewer games at the same time.

Boston is doing well despite their absence due to their injuries. Although he has been at the top of the conference throughout the season, Williams’ injury is regrettable considering that it is the end of the season ahead of the playoffs. It’s not a big injury like last season, but it’s fatal to have to rest again at a time when the performance needs to be on track.

He played 28 games before the injury. He played 24.2 minutes per game, scoring 8.4 points (.750.000.625) 8.6 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 1.2 blocks, showing off his unwavering skills. He made his first appearance in mid-December, and after checking his performance on the bench, he played as a full-fledged starting pitcher since early January, contributing greatly to the team’s maintenance and rise. 파워볼게임

Healthy Robert Williams has an absolute share of Boston’s inner strength. It is not easy to mention Williams’ performance behind Boston’s stable offense and defense. Accordingly, Boston also gave an extension contract (4 years and $48 million) in the fall of 2021. This season’s annual salary is about $11 million, and it is a full guarantee contract in the form of an annual salary increase over the years.