Larry Hogan, the ‘Korea Committee’ announced that he would

Larry Hogan, the ‘Korea Committee’ announced that he would not run for the presidential election…Criticism of “Get out of Trump”

Larry Hogan

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who has been considered a candidate for the next presidential election of the U.S. Republican Party, announced on the 5th that he will not run for president next year.

Former Governor Hogan confirmed in a New York Times (NYT) article that day, saying, “I don’t want to put my family through another harsh election campaign just for experience.” “I will never run for president to sell books or make my place in the administration,” Hogan said. “For a long time, I have said I care more about the future of the Republican Party than my future in the Republican Party.” This is why I decided not to participate in the presidential race,” he explained.

Also called the “Korean son-in-law” after marrying Korean-American Yumi Hogan, he served as Maryland governor for the previous eight years and stepped down due to regulations restricting his second term. He has also been highly supported in Maryland, which has a moderate tendency and strong Democratic power. In particular, he has been classified as a representative “anti-Trump” faction within the party, continuing public criticism of former President Donald Trump.

Former Governor Larry Hogan also criticized former President Trump and his supporters, saying, “Republican voters are tired of the drama and open to new leaders.” “We are optimistic about the Republican Party’s future, but we are deeply concerned about the next election,” he said. “We cannot afford to lose the election cycle for the fourth consecutive year with Trump as a presidential candidate.” He then stressed, “In order to become a successful ruling party once again, we need to get away from Trump,” adding, “There are several competent Republican leaders with sleeping power.”

In this situation, former Governor Hogan believes that it is never helpful for the Republican Party to declare his candidacy and disperse the votes of the anti-Trump camp. Earlier, former Governor Hogan has also continuously expressed his position in an interview with major media in the U.S. that he will consider not running if his candidacy increases Trump’s chances of re-election.

In addition to former President Trump, former U.N. Ambassador Nicky Haley, entrepreneurial former Vivek Lamaswami and Perry Johnson have declared their candidacy as current Republican primary candidates. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin are also mentioned as potential candidates to officially announce their candidacy soon.

“We will share a common-sense, conservative vision of the Republican Party and be with someone who will help us win the election again,” former Governor Larry Hogan said. “Although I will not be a candidate for the party, I have begun the struggle for our future.”

On the same day, former Secretary of State Pompeo also appeared on Fox News and directly hit former President Trump. “In this presidential election, we have to elect someone who is thoughtful, who will make America the best country,” he said. “They don’t disparage the Internet, they don’t throw hamburgers, they don’t spend all their time thinking about Twitter.” It also confirmed that it will decide whether to run in the Republican presidential race in the coming months.

Meanwhile, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual event of a conservative group, former President Trump took the lead by topping the list of presidential candidates. In a poll released on the 4th, the last day of the event, former President Trump received a 62% approval rating. The figure is far ahead of rival Governor DeSantis (20%). However, in the case of this event, it is classified as pro-Trump, so some say that these results are not very meaningful. At the event, former President Trump claimed that “Joe Biden is leading us to the path of ruin,” and confirmed that he would not give up his presidential bid in 2024 even if he was indicted due to an ongoing investigation.