T1, excluding 1R’s “gumayusi” and 1R’s “Teddy” selection.

T1, excluding 1R’s “gumayusi” and 1R’s “Teddy” selection.


“If you watch the game yourself, you’ll see the starting roaster.”

Asked about the appearance of Teddy Park Jin-sung a day before the game, acting T1 coach Sohn Suk-hee declined to say anything about Liv San Park and the first round starter of the playoffs, but did not deny it. In the end, T1’s choice was “Teddy,” not “gumayushi.” “Teddy” Park Jin-sung was selected as a one-deal starter for the first round of the playoffs.

T1 has changed its best five lineup, which was used at the end of the regular season in the first round of the playoffs against Summer Rib San Park of 2021 LOL Champions Korea at LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 19th. “Teddy” Park Jin-sung, who had been excluded from the starting lineup since the replacement of coach Yang Dae-in, was selected as the starting one deal.

“Teddy” Park Jin-sung seemed to solidify his position as a starting pitcher during the first round of the summer, but was excluded from the selection since the game against Zenji on July 11. At the end of the season, as the performance of “Kuma Youshi” faltered in the 10th week of the season, he was called back as a starter.

T1, which changed the one deal, set up a starting lineup with “Kanna” Kim Chang-dong, “owner” Moon Hyun-joon, “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk, “Teddy” Park Jin-sung and “Keria” Ryu Min-seok.

The best five of Liv San Park, led by director Kim Mok-kyung, is the same as the season. Summit” Park Woo-tae, “Croco” Kim Dong-beom, “Fate” Yoo Soo-hyuk, “Prince” Lee Chae-hwan and “Effort” Lee Sang-ho were listed in the starting lineup.

“Teddy” Park Jin-sung chose Ash, and “Prince” Lee Chae-hwan will face off as Calista.

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