Super fast loss of 126kg → 93kg after mirage futsal

Super fast loss of 126kg → 93kg after mirage futsal. See you in decades.


Satire and mirage challenged a short-term diet and unexpectedly succeeded.

On the 3rd, YouTube channel “M Dromeda Studio” posted “30kg loss for real!? He posted a video titled ‘A diet restaurant that even acknowledged satire.’

In the video, satire, mirage, and Heoanna decided to exercise. Four people went on a diet for their health.

The three decided to weigh themselves before exercising. The satire said, “I hate it,” and the mirage said, “I’ll measure it for him.” The mirage weighed 126.1 kg. She weighed 79.3 kg.

First, the three people meditated. Heo Anna said, “I’ve been blacked out a lot after drinking.” The three people, who decided to talk about their difficulties while meditating, said, “I’m hungry,” drawing laughter. Satire in yoga class showed more flexibility than I thought.

The next exercise was futsal. The game was divided into satire and mirage teams, and as a result, the satire team won 2-1.

I decided to check if I lost weight after futsal. Heoanna weighed 58kg and the mirage lost about 36kg to 93kg. Everyone was delighted with the broken scale.

The mirage was impressed, saying, “It’s been decades since I’ve weighed in double digits.” “It’s because I measured it on the grass,” Heo Anna said with a smile.

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