Super car class, attractive pick-up jeep gladiator.

Super car class, attractive pick-up jeep gladiator.


Despite the 5.6 meter body weight and 2.3 tons, steering wheel steering is unexpectedly higher than expected in second-hand conditions. The performance of the N.V.H. is also ridiculously superior to that of the previous generation’s Wrangler, and the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 gasoline engine pushes with a “ururung” sound whenever it presses the accelerator. Although they guessed that the off-road performance would be excellent just by looking at it, the on-road performance is also more than expected.파워볼사이트

It seems like it would be fun to drag around downtown, but parking is the biggest obstacle. The longer body than the Rolls-Royce Ghost has a novel experience where one more wheel sticks out of most parking areas and turns the driver into a growing tree when entering the underground parking lot. The vehicle is perfect to be named at the top of the black list of parking lots in downtown Korea. However, if the background is idyllic and there is no environment where there is no worry about parking, there seems to be no more attractive vehicle in Korea.

As can be seen from the name of the car, “Gladiator,” a jeep’s pick-up truck, which has been popular in the U.S. since it was unveiled for the first time through the 2018 LA Auto Show, is a model that has accumulated know-how in truck production for about half a half-century since 1947. Based on Jeep’s rich heritage, it provides excellent openness and versatility and combines innovative off-road functions, and has received high attention not only in the U.S. but also in Europe and Asia since its launch.

Gladiator’s popularity is so great that 300 initial shipments were exhausted through pre-contracts when it was first launched last year in the domestic market, which can be said to be a barren land for pickup trucks other than Ssangyong Motor. Perhaps the increase in camping and outdoor activities is attributed to the proper incorporation of jeep brand bells, which have boosted the demand for pick-up trucks and gained reputation for existing off-road vehicles.

Anyway, Gladiator’s body size is 5600mm, 1935mm and 1850mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 3,490mm, which is 345mm longer than Hyundai’s Staria. Compared to Ford Ranger’s mid-sized pick-up, the battlefield and wheelbase are 241mm and 270mm, respectively, 205mm and 232mm compared to Chevrolet Colorado, and the wheelbase is 280mm longer in the battlefield and 280mm longer than Ssangyong’s Rexton Khan. In addition, it has 2.3 tons of tolerance weight and 1,005 liters of trunk capacity, and 3.6 liters of gasoline engine.

The exterior design follows the previous familiar Jeep Wrangler’s Heritage. The front part is designed to allow more air intake by widening the gap between slots while maintaining a Jeep-specific 7-slot grill. Through this, higher traction can be achieved based on stronger output, and LED headlamps and fog lights on the left and right sides abandon the roughness of the pickup truck and reflect the latest design of the jeep. The lower bumper also conveys toughness according to off-road characteristics.

The side is designed to prevent damage to the body when driving off-road with steel lock rails and wheels and tires tailored to off-road characteristics. The trapezoidal fence design, which is unique to jeeps, also looks cool. The rear part is equipped with a traditional square tail lamp to deliver a clean impression. Tailgate is a familiar front-to-back method in pickup trucks, and the truck’s bet is 1450mm wide, 1530mm long and 450mm high, with a slightly square shape. On the inside, LED lights, fixed rings, and 230V ox terminals are also noticeable. In addition, the floor face is finished with a special material rather than a regular steel plate, which boasts high durability and, in the absence of cargo, delivers neatness by mounting a roll-up cover.

Gladiator’s interior has a luxurious look that is quite different from the rugged and simple design of competitive models. First of all, the seat has a good sense of seating and a high body so that the front view is well secured. The 7-inch TFT color display is very useful because it has excellent visibility and can set up more than 100 vehicle information. In addition, steering wheel operation is easy and various buttons are installed inside, which is not suitable for a large size.

Although the 8.4-inch center display at the top of the dashboard is a bit small, it can be operated by touch and also clearly expresses various vehicle settings on and off-road. There are also plenty of large and small storage spaces that are useful for camping and outdoor activities.

What’s interesting is that you can open a hard top that you can’t see in any pickup truck, and you can fold and unfold the windshield quickly and easily. Of course, it will be a bit embarrassing in the city, but if you open all the cars outside and drive, you will be able to get a driving sense that you will never feel in any car.

The Jeep Gladiator Powertrain is equipped with a 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 gasoline engine, with a maximum output of 284 horsepower and a maximum torque of 36.0 kg.m. This is surprisingly a satisfactory fuel efficiency on-road with an engine stop & start system fitted with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

It also has a system for various off-road driving like a jeep brand. For example, select-speed control allows a person to escape a rough road without load or brake output when the gear is in a 4L state, and it is easier to escape a rough road with a 77.2:1 crawl ratio. In addition, the 4:1 Rock Track HD Full-Time 4WD system implements optimal grip even in low ground friction environments and delivers a rich off-road experience on a variety of terrain depending on the situation with electronic front-swaybar separators.

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