Sujin from (G)I-DLE, Bird’s Nest in Big Planet Maid

Sujin from (G)I-DLE, Bird’s Nest in Big Planet Maid


Singer Soo-jin, a former member of the group’s children, will build a bird’s nest.

According to the YTN star report on the 11th, Su-jin decided to move to Big Planet Made Entertainment.

The Big Planet Maid currently includes Soyou, VIVIZ, Huh Gak, Ha Sung-woon, Lee Moo-jin, P.O., Mighty Mouse, and Cho Soo-min.

In addition, Soo-jin is expected to join the team to grow in earnest.

Earlier, Su-jin was embroiled in a controversy over school violence in February last year. At that time, Su-jin complained of unfairness, but left the team six months after the controversy.

Since then, he has terminated his exclusive contract with his original company Cube Entertainment in March this year.

Soo-jin made her debut in the music industry in 2018 as a member of the group (G)I-DLE. Soo-jin was the main dancer and sub vocalist of the group.

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