Subway, 3 types of “Barbecue Collection”

Subway, 3 types of “Barbecue Collection”


Subway announced on the 1st that it will introduce the ‘Barbecue Collection’.

The barbecue collection consists of a total of three types, including “Full Pork Barbecue” and “K-Barbecue” and a new menu “Spicy Barbecue.” All three types are harmonized with the unique warmth and abundance of barbecue, and warm your frozen appetite in the chilly weather. You can enjoy the colorful taste of each barbecue and simply enjoy a full meal.

The pooled fork barbecue has the original smoky smell of well-made pork barbecue and rich juicy meat. The moist yet smooth texture from the “hand taste” that tears meat at the store is also attractive. If you take a bite, you can feel the true taste of the original authentic barbecue, which is produced by a pooled fork filled with sandwiches, fresh vegetables, and cheese filled with flavor.

If you want a more Korean barbecue sandwich, K-Barbecue is the answer. It is the first Korean customized local menu since Subway entered Korea in 1991, and it has completed a perfect match to captivate Koreans by mixing soft pork barbecue with a sweet taste of soy sauce and garlic.

Spicy Barbecue is a limited-time menu sold during this winter season, offering a new flavor that has never been found before. The pork barbecue, which has everything including gravy, flavor, texture, and aroma, adds hot seasoning based on red pepper paste to provide an impressive spicy taste that blows away the cold at the same time. If you add hot chili sauce to it, you can enjoy the exotic and level of spiciness.

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