Spotify joins Musk’s attack on Apple…

Spotify joins Musk’s attack on Apple…


Daniel Eck, CEO of Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, joined Elon Musk’s attack on Apple on the 30th (local time).

Swedish billionaire entrepreneur Eck posted on Twitter that day and criticized Apple’s 30% commission on developers in the App Store, saying, “Apple is the only one who enjoys all the advantages while suppressing innovation and damaging consumers.”

“Apple provides consumers with the illusion of choice and developers with the illusion of control,” he said. “There have been many discussions (on Apple’s fee issue) and the discussion is helpful, but we have to act.”

Eck also cited anti-Apple entrepreneurs such as Musk, who recently declared war on Apple, Microsoft (MS) President Brad Smith, and Andy Yan, founder of Proton, an encrypted e-mail service, criticized app fees.

In protest of Apple’s move to suspend Twitter advertising, Musk posted a series of tweets attacking Apple’s app fee policy on the 28th, declaring that he was “starting a war.”

“With Musk’s Japanese bomb dropping (targeting Apple), Spotify CEO also resumed attacks on Apple,” Reuters reported.

Earlier, Spotify filed anti-trust lawsuits against Apple in various countries, claiming that Apple’s 30% fee causes artificial cost hikes.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, a game developer who has been fighting with Apple for a long time over app fees, also posted a message on Twitter to launch a supportive shooting.

“Fighting against Apple’s monopoly is an American problem that transcends party politics,” he said.

Epic Games is currently in an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple.

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