Soyeon Kim Model Taxi 2 Special Appearance

Soyeon Kim Model Taxi 2 Special Appearance

Soyeon Kim

Namgung Min Moon Chae-won and Sves Universe Completed

Kim Soyeon Kim’s on-site still, who will make a special appearance in the last episode of “Model Taxi 2,” will be unveiled, overwhelming attention.

SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Model Taxi 2” (written by Oh Sang-ho, directed by Ethan, Jang Young-seok), which has only two episodes left until the end of the show, unveiled a still of actor Soyeon Kim, who will make a special appearance in the final episode on the 13th.

Previously, “Model Taxi 2” featured Nam Gung-min, one of the leading cider heroes of SBS dramas, in episode 9, and Soyeon Kim and Moon Chae-won, who were also active as the main characters of SBS Friday-Saturday drama, drew keen attention. As a result, the SBS Friday-Saturday Universe, which was built around “Model Taxi 2,” is expected to be a delicacy for the finalization of “Model Taxi 2.”

Among them, the Soyeon Kim in the still released is set in all black from head to toe, giving off a mysterious atmosphere, which raises. In addition, the Soyeon Kim shoots somewhere with a long gun, and wears a long gun over his shoulder. Like the goddess of the underworld, the fierce charisma overwhelms the viewers. As such, the question of what role Soyeon Kim, which exudes a dark aura, will appear in “Model Taxi 2” rises vertically.

Meanwhile, Soyeon Kim, who won the grand prize at the SBS Acting Awards in 2021 based on his acting skills and unrivaled presence regardless of genre, will appear in the final episode of “Model Taxi 2” and emit a strong force in the action sequence. Rumor has it that a thrilling action sequence was born with the passionate performance of the Soyeon Kim. As a result, expectations rise vertically for “Model Taxi 2,” which is predicting a spectacular finalization with Soyeon Kim’s supportive shooting

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