Solin’s GoTroll to Midliner “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk Until when?

Solin’s GoTroll to Faker. Until when?


Midliner “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk of the League of Legends professional game group T1 expressed his discomfort over the “go-troll” issue. 파워볼사이트

“Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk said on the 27th, “I’ve been doing deliberate trolls for months now, but it hasn’t been suspended. Why do I have to find evidence when I have to practice?” “It’s an environment where I can’t practice properly in the solo rank.”

Faker’s suspected go-troll problem is caused by China’s illegal e-sports Toto. In China, a new form of illegal e-sports gambling site has been prevalent for several years. They are gambling using the results of games played on famous professional gamers or popular BJ’s personal broadcasts.

Riot Games Korea unveiled measures related to the illegal Toto issue in December last year. Riot Games said it will solve the problem of deliberate trolls by inspecting and deactivating accounts suspected of being stolen overseas, blocking unauthorized programs in real time, and opening hotlines with LCK team.

As the Chinese government conducted an investigation into illegal e-sports, the deliberate troll issue at the Challenger Tier seemed to have been resolved to some extent. However, the issue has come back to the surface as Chinese e-sports gambling sites have recently re-emerged, and “Faker” has mentioned intentional trolls again.

Riot Games said on the current issue, “We have been continuing to check and deactivate accounts suspected of overseas theft while continuing to monitor. We have also introduced real-time account protection solutions and are taking stronger measures than before.” He also said he investigated all the suspicious accounts the player had mentioned two months ago and proceeded to deactivate them.

However, the deliberate troll problem is not preventable even if it can be taken care of. There are many ways to bypass IP or suspension of accounts. The most effective way is to prevent illegal Toto, but it is impossible without government support. Above all, the fact that illegal Toto is prevalent in China is one of the reasons why it is difficult to solve the fundamental problem.

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