Smilegate ‘Lost Ark’ Taiwan Company Publishing Contracts

Smilegate ‘Lost Ark’ Taiwan Company Publishing Contracts

Lost Ark
Smilegate RPG is a Taiwanese company Happy Tok and MMORPG (Multi-Access Role Playing Game).

It announced on the 9th that it signed a Taiwan publishing contract for Lost Ark.

The two companies are planning to focus all their capabilities on launching and settling the Taiwan market successfully through this contract.

Specific release schedule will be released later.

Happytook is a leading game publishing company in Taiwan founded in 2012 and has 14 types of online games and

It serves the most games titles in Taiwan, including a number of mobile games.

With the publishing contract, Lost Ark will be able to enter the Taiwanese market after South Korea, Russia, Japan, North America and Europe.

Earlier in June, Smilegate RPG formalized North American and European publishing of Lost Ark with global company Amazon.

“I’m happy to have a partnership with Happy Tok,” said Ji Won-gil, CEO of RPG at Smilegate.

“We look forward to creating the best game through the synergy of the two companies’ expertise,” he said. 토토사이트

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