Small SUV…Jeep Renegade 80th Anniversary Edition.

Small SUV…Jeep Renegade 80th Anniversary Edition.

Jeep Renegade

Jeep regularly presents a variety of commemorative models to commemorate the launch of the brand.

Recently, a large number of edition models have been introduced to mark the 80th anniversary, adding new vitality to the portfolio. Although there has already been no major change through the test drive of previous 80th anniversary editions, I have been able to feel the addition of sensibility and charm quite different from the general jeep’s portfolio through “small changes.

In this situation, we faced the 80th anniversary edition of Renegade, the existence that marks the start of the Jeep portfolio.

The Jeep Renegade 80th Anniversary Edition (hereinafter referred to as Renegade 80th), prepared for the test drive, literally presents a compact and solid image. In fact, it has a 4,255mm battlefield, and its full width and height are also very compact with 1,805mm and 1,700mm. Thanks to the addition of a 2.4L engine and an AWD system, the empty vehicle weight reaches 1,580kg.

Renegade with small charms. 80th.

Jeeprenigade has been receiving a lot of attention and loved by consumers as a compact SUV with bold and off-road sensibility despite its small physique at the moment of its debut and even after the design change. Today’s main character, Renegade 80th, is the same.

Instead, like other 80th anniversary models that previously test-driveed, “It doesn’t seem special,” and on the contrary, unique details are added throughout the exterior to present specialness. Thanks to this, it was also quite fun to test drive and look for the “corresponding factor.”파워볼사이트

The front design is a typical jeep sensibility. The seven-slot front grill, newly refined headlights, and bodykits are added to reveal the sensuous and tough sensibility of the SUV. It is a small vehicle, but it is enough to draw attention on the road.

For reference, a dedicated gray color is added to the front grill and jeep lettering, creating a bolder and more intense image. However, it would have been better to choose a different color to stand out a little more on the road.

The side also follows the design suggested by the existing Renegade. Although it is a small body, the body silhouette that stands out in volume and the overall height that exudes ample space are eye-catching. For reference, the presence was emphasized through the lettering color of the door panel and a dedicated badge on the side, and a “dedicated color” was added to the four wheels.

Finally, the rear design presents a presence that stands out with a newly refined rear combination lamp and emphasizes the identity of the vehicle with lettering in colors dedicated to the 80th anniversary edition. For reference, all other elements are the same as the existing ‘renigade limited AWD’.

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