Singer Younha, National Tour Concert D-1…Popularity to…

Singer Younha, National Tour Concert D-1…Popularity to continue in 2023

Singer Younha is going on a national tour.

Singer Younha

Singer Yoonha will hold the “2022 Yoon-ha Concert “c/2022YH” at Gwangju Women’s University Universiade Gymnasium in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju on the 5th and launch a national tour.

“c/2022YH” is a national tour organized by Younha to meet more fans thanks to the support of the “2022 Younha Year-end Concert “c/2022YH” held in Seoul last year. Starting with Gwangju, performances in Daegu on the 11th and Busan on the 18th will continue.

Along with the popularity of the “Horizon of Events,” the national tour will feature songs from the re-examined sixth repackage album “End THEORY: Final Edition,” as well as a variety of live stages containing the musical journey.

In particular, the national tour ranked first to third in the overall concert reservation rate in order of Daegu, Gwangju, and Busan at the same time as the Interpark ticket reservation was opened, and all three regions sold out at high speed, realizing Younha’s powerful ticket power.

Meanwhile, the “2022 Younha Concert “c/2022YH” will be held at Gwangju Women’s University Universiade Gymnasium in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju-si at 5 p.m. on the 5th.

Singer Younha is… He has shown a unique singing ability since his debut.
He is a singer-songwriter and has the highest skills among solo artists of his age. In particular, his ability to digest various genres is considered a singer who does not allow others to follow him in his age group and does not lag behind even when compared to senior singers.

It is equipped with hardware elements such as voice volume and range, delicate emotional expression and lyrics delivery at the same time, and the vocals themselves are attractive with the exquisite combination of these two strengths. Simply put, he is a singer who has both the strength and image of power and emotional vocals. Link

In terms of hardware, it is outstanding enough to compete with most power vocals. Based on the official release of the song, the range was up to 3 octaves (A5) in high notes, and 3 octaves (F5) to sol (G5) in high notes were just recorded in several other songs. As such, the vocal cord contact is excellent in high notes. It can support up to 3 octave me (E5) and 3 octave par (F5) in authenticity. However, in the early stages of the activity, the vocals were rather shaky at the mid-low pitch or the first note was unstable, which was almost completely supplemented by the time the team resumed its activities with its fourth full-length album “Supersonic” after the lawsuit. This shows that I, who already competed in “I Am a Singer” 2 when I was 25 years old, competed with singers such as Kim Yeon-woo, Lee Young-hyun, Seo Moon-tak, and Shinawi and settled at the top of the list from August to November, showing that I can perform well in a condition management situation. The self-composed song “Rainy Night” from the fourth mini-album “STABLE MINDSET” released in 2019 showed a good low-pitched voice.He has a rich voice and mixed his voice live with Kim Bum-soo, but even though Kim Bum-soo shouted as much as he wanted, he was not buried at all and naturally harmonized. He also has excellent emotional expression skills, early and mid-term activities.In addition to expressing sorrowful emotions based on songs such as “I broke up with you today,” he has also shown excellent performance in songs such as Epik High’s “Again Fight” and Jonghyun’s “Love Belt” as dry and indifferent. The tone is clear and pure, and the likes and dislikes are not easily divided, but some people do not like it or undervalue it because it is too ordinary.

However, perhaps due to the influence of the laryngitis, the neck condition has been severe for a while since then. Accordingly, there were some ups and downs in the live performance. Even in 2015, Yoo Hee-yeol’s sketchbook, which showed the best live performance even though other live performances were ruined, and his solo concert stage showed a disappointing performance. In addition, there is an evaluation that nasal sounds were mixed in the voice, perhaps due to the influence of septum curvature, which had been suffering since around the musical period in 2015. There have been many speculations from fans whether this is a natural phenomenon caused by aging, a temporary phenomenon caused by poor throat management, or Yoon-ha’s own vocalization changes, but the biggest reason seems to be the severe septum curvature in 2015. Eventually, surgery for septum curvature was decided. After the rehabilitation period due to septum curvature surgery, the stage of 2018 after the release of the 5th regular album “RescuE” showed a better neck condition than before the septum curvature surgery, especially at V LIVE’s Orgel Live in December. The fact that the singer himself predicted active activities in 2019 seems to mean that his overall condition has improved a lot after rest and rehabilitation. Starting with the fourth mini-album “STABLE MINDSET” released in 2019, it seems to have regained its good form before 2014, and it is said to be comparable to the peak form of 2012 given its performance in 2021’s sixth full-length album “END THEORY.”

Also, singer Younha… He was a singer-songwriter and received a lot of love from his fans. I am very interested in what kind of performance I will show in this concert.

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