Singer Jung Dong-won presents a special collaboration stage with..

Singer Jung Dong-won presents a special collaboration stage with “Baenori” → on Lunar New Year’s Day (Open Concert)

Singer Jung Dong-won drew attention from viewers with a special stage.

Singer Jung Dong-won

Jung Dong-won appeared in KBS1’s “Open Concert 1415th-New Year’s Day Plan,” which aired on the 22nd. The “Open Concert” featured artists from various fields, including singer Jung Dong-won, band Gwang-chil, Ungsan, Gaho, Jinseong and Insooni.

On this day’s broadcast, which was specially planned for the national holiday “New Year,” Jung Dong-won performed an exciting performance of the mini-album’s title song “Baenori” and sang “Hometown Station” and “Nest” with senior singer Jin-sung to heat up the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year holiday.

Singer Jung Dong-won appeared wearing an all-white neat suit and drew attention with his stylish visuals that stood out for maturity. As the first song, the title song “Bat Nori,” which features an exquisite combination of Korean traditional music, trot and dance songs, was presented with colorful dances and cool singing skills, coloring the audience with cheers.

Jung Dong-won, who introduced the song after finishing the “Baenori” stage, said, “The song I just played is “Baenori,” the title song of my album, and I would appreciate it if you love it a lot,” and predicted a collaboration stage with Jin-sung, a senior I respect.

Jung Dong-won, who then appeared wearing a hanbok jeogori with Jin Sung, raised the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year holiday to the fullest by singing “Hometown Station” with mournful emotions and savory tones. Subsequently, “Nest” was presented with perfect harmony with Jin Sung, and a special collaboration stage was enthusiastically received by viewers with bold stage manners and gestures that were not intimidated by the senior.

Meanwhile, Jung Dong-won will meet fans across the country through performances in Busan on 28th and 29th, Daegu on 4th and 5th of February, and Suwon on 18th and 19th of February.

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