Shin Ye-eun and Jung Gun-joo’s cuteness explodes…”An

Shin Ye-eun and Jung Gun-joo’s cuteness explodes…”An important scene” from “Flower Sun-bi’s Love Story”.

Shin Ye-eun

The exciting accompanying scene of actors Shin Ye-eun and Jung Gun-joo has been released.

SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Flower Sun-bi Love Story” (written by Kwon Eum-mi, directed by Kim Ja-hyun, Kim Jung-min), which will premiere at 10 p.m. on the 20th, is a “fresh mystery close-up romance” created by Yoon Dan-oh, the owner of the guest house “Gaekju Ewhawon,” who broke all stereotypes.

Shin Ye-eun plays Yoon Dan-oh, who was the precious youngest daughter of a noble family, but became the owner of the guest house after her parents died, showing off her refreshing and lively charm that is 180 degrees different from her previous work. Jeong Geon-ju is the ancient scholar of a skeleton family and the role of Jeong Yu-ha with a delicate personality, culminating in a soft character.

In this regard, Shin Ye-eun and Jung Gun-joo’s “one second before the author’s date” was caught. In the play, Yoon Dan-oh (Shin Yeeun) lowered his head and said, “Let’s go together when Jung Yoo-ha (Jeong Gun-joo) said he was going to the low street. “Come here,” he said, asking for company.

Jung Yoo-ha then responds to Yoon Dan-oh’s suggestion with a smile that bloomed as if she were happy, and Yoon Dan-oh glances shyly at the back of Jung Yoo-ha, who took the lead, causing excitement. It is curious whether friendly flower fairy Jung Yoo-ha will shake Yoon Dan-oh’s heart.

It is rumored that Shin Ye-eun and Jung Gun-joo perfectly transformed into Yoon Dan-oh and Jung Yoo-ha as soon as they arrived at the filming site, creating a “lovely” charm that induces automatic smiles. In particular, Shin Ye-eun expressed Yoon Dan-oh’s bright energy from a lively greeting, and Jung Gun-joo showed off her caring kindness by taking care of Shin Ye-eun first, giving off her love for Jung Yoo-ha’s character.

The production team said, “The meeting between Yoon Dan-oh and Jung Yoo-ha, played by Shin Ye-eun and Jung Gun-joo, is meaningful in that it is the meeting between the most confident owner and the most delicate scholar in the play,” adding, “This scene of the two’s friendly chemistry acts as an important scene to move on to the next story. “I ask you to check it out on the main broadcast,” he said.

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