“Serious about lightening.” Porsche 911 Carrera T

“Serious about lightening.” Porsche 911 Carrera T

Porsche 911 Carrera T

Porsche unveiled the 911 Carrera T, which has undergone lightweight structure optimization. It also comes with a 7-speed manual transmission and an 8-speed PDK as an option. Thanks to the PASM Sports Suspension, which has a 10mm lower ride height and reduced insulation, you can enjoy driving on winding mountain roads and rural roads. The six-cylinder boxer engine sound is more pronounced indoors.

The Porsche 911 Carrera T model, “T”, stands for Touring, and has a history of 911 T being certified as a touring car in 1968. The first 911 T was sold until 1973, and in 2017, the 991 line 911 Carrera T continued the lineage of pure authentic sports cars. Since then, Porsche has introduced various models with a more sporty set-up concept, including 718 Cayman T, 718 Boxster T, and Macan T.

The exterior of 911 Carrera T is a dark gray color that differentiates it from other 911 Carrera models. These details apply to the top and bottom trims of the side mirrors, new door logos and rear logos, and trim strips on the rear lead grille. The windscreen features a gray top tint, and the sports exhaust system tailpipe is finished in a high-gloss black color.

The interior further emphasizes the sporty look with the basic four-way sports seat plus. The interior has been completed with matte black trim and high-gloss black color inlay, and customers who want more differentiated products can choose the Carrera T interior package as an option. Contrasting colors of slate grey or rigid green may be applied to seat belts and stitching, the 911 logo on the headrest, and the stripe pattern in the center of the seat. The floor mat also offers logo and stitching options with contrasting Lizard Green and Slate Gray colors. 안전놀이터

With a maximum power of 385 horsepower and a maximum torque of 45.9 kgmm, the Byterbo engine requires only 4.5 seconds to accelerate from rest to 100 km/h. The maximum speed is 291 kilometers per hour. The basic specification equipment mounted on the Carrera S with a manual transmission enhances performance with a Porsche Torque Vectoring system equipped with a mechanical rear differential lock. The 911 Carrera T offers optional Sports Chrono package and PASM Sports Suspension on the 911 Carrera S. Rear axle steering, which starts with Carrera S and later models, is also an option.

In addition, a 20-inch front wheel and 21-inch rear wheel Titanium Gray Carrera S wheel will be exclusively installed for the T model. GT sports steering wheels, sports exhaust systems and four-way electrically adjustable sports seats are also basic specifications. The tolerance weight of the 911 Carrera T equipped with a manual transmission is 1,470kg, 35kg lighter than the 911 Carrera equipped with an 8-speed PDK. In addition to omitting rear seats and reducing insulation, lightweight windows and batteries have further reduced weight.

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